Deep Cleaning Your Office: 5 Office Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Workspace Spotless

Proper sanitization of the office is mandatory for environmental health as well as employee performance. Therefore to avoid such incidences it is recommended to have regular deep cleaning as a way of avoiding accumulated dust, germs, or allergens that may make the environment unpleasant to work in. Now that you know what office cleaning is all about let us now look at five hacks to help you maintain a healthier office.

1. Declutter Your Desk

The first point toward the achievement of the office clean-up exercise is to start with the personal working area. This should involve removing things like; old papers, letters, unused stationery, and computers which are no longer relevant to the organization. Organisers, storage boxes and baskets are key accessory pieces that must be placed within easy reach to ensure that clutter is kept off the top of the counter. A clean desk not only brings a better-looking environment but also minimises stress and enhances a person’s performance levels.

2. Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

‘Tops of lids, computer keyboards, telephone keypads, and door knobs are a few points that provide an abode for growth of germs.’ Clean these areas frequently and disinfect them more often to reduce the risk of bacterial or viral transmission. When handling joints together with the skin, be sure to clean with proper cleaning agents that don’t harm the device. To prevent cross contamination and to get a more intensive you might need to consider having a cleaning service in the office to make sure that there is proper cleaning and disinfecting of the high traffic points.

3. Clean Air Vents & Filters

Proper air management has a key role in ensuring healthy standards in every working environment including the offices. There was also dust and allergens that were present on the air vents and filter hence low quality and standard of air inside buildings. Air must also circulate and for this to be achieved, air vents should be cleaned frequently and filters changed frequently. This special measure will contribute to a decrease in respiratory diseases and allergies among the personnel, and hence, ensure a healthy work environment.

4. Implement a Cleaning Schedule

One important location where hygiene is usually noticed is in the offices and this is an aspect that usually needs to maintain a certain regularly to be considered standard. The cleaning process should therefore be done in a systematic way where there is daily cleaning, a kind of cleaning that has to be done every week and the other kind of cleaning to be done every month.

To achieve a monthly deep cleaning, tasks should encompass areas that are often overlooked and consequently, left unnoticed, like below furniture and cabinets. Even if one merely wants to have a cleaner working environment, there are certain tasks which would be better done by an efficient office cleaning company.

5. Organize Common Areas

Some of the areas inside an office building that are likely to represent this are the break room or even the meeting room, where mugs, cups, matchboxes, tissues, and snacks which have been used can easily be dumped aside in an organized manner. The following are self-explanatory: Some best practices are for employees to wash after themselves and avail cleaning utensils on one or two mugs or cups that may have split.